One of the Hardest Wrecks We’ve EVER Seen!!

With now doubh, this is One of the Hardest Wrecks We’ve EVER Seen!!!

We have been bringing you incredible videos for years now and even before we were doing that, we were devoting a better part of our life on the internet watching racing videos so when we claim that this is one of the hardest hits that we have seen, we think you should believe us.

As always the most important thing is the fact that the driver is OK and once again this attest to the capabilities of the safety equipment that is being installed in cars nowadays.

The car left hard and lifted the tires a little bit off the ground but less than halfway down the track it started getting sideways and it looked like it would be an easy fix with some pedaling and some steering input but the car just refused to straighten out and kept going sideways into the opposing wall.

To help you find it, the crash happens at the 16:55 mark but we think that the rest of the video deserves your attention since there is some amazing action on it.

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