Precious vs Jerry Bird, MIGHT AS WELL J….. Street Outlaws America’s List 2!!

Take a look at this, Precious vs Jerry Bird, MIGHT AS WELL J….. Street Outlaws America’s List 2!!

Once again we join the Street Outlaws as racers do their best to get to the top of America’s List, and these guys are getting faster and faster with every round.

As we do so it is Jerry Bird and Precious who are trying to outsmart and outdrive one another, since they are first off the trailer and that is not the best position to be in as we all know.

Racing first off the trailer can mean tons of different things. Since the last race day, the road could have gotten much worse and that would prompt the tuners to take power out of the car, but the biggest question that they are facing is how much power they should take out.

Misjudging these roads is very easy and it’s something that every racer has done at some point be it if they spun the tires or have lost the race due to putting in less power than what the road can take.

The other complication that both drivers are facing is that people have been leaving early enough to get a decent advantage against the competition, but not enough for the person in the next lane to have time to think if they should sit or race.

The chase is a race rule that has been catching tons of racers off guard since they have been used to racing on the light and not minding the racer in the next lane, however this time it is different.

So far in this competition, Jerry has proven to quite a few guys that even if he does need the data, he is still capable of sitting on the racers that love jumping the light, however, at the same time, there have been races that he has won by leaving a bit early, so in his case, there is no telling what he will do.

The best we can do is play the video and find out who will get the win.

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