Real Street Outlaws Cash Days!!

Take a look at this, Real Street Outlaws Cash Days!!

There is no denying the fact that the Street Race Talk channel has made it to an incredible 200th episode something that is to be respected and we thank him for giving us all that info that you and us have loved over the years, and congratulations on staying on top of things and not missing a week for the 200th time.

Once again the topic is Murder Nova and its incredible achievement at the Tulsa Raceway Park where right off the trailer it managed to put down a time of 4.02 seconds at 185 mph, which is incredibly close to a 3 second pass, a real ProMod territory.


Another new thing about this incredible car is the fact that it will be competing in the No Prep Kings championship, or to be exact what’s left of it, but we still would love to see how it performs against the rest of the No Prep field.

So play the video and find out what else is covered in this 200th episode of Street Race Talk.

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