Street Outlaws Monza vs Track Doe at Florida No Prep Kings!!

Take a look at this awesome race, Street Outlaws Monza vs Track Doe at Florida No Prep Kings!!!

Before we even get to the main event, that being Monza vs Track Doe, we have to tell you that Track Doe has been on an incredible streak at the event in Florida which started with the race between him and the Tropic Thunder blown Probe.

And that is just the beginning because Track Doe had to face Larry Larson and his Turbo Caddy next, and unless you have just started following No Prep racing today, then you are already familiar with how fast Larry Larson and his vehicles are.

Then it is time for the main event between 405’s legend Jerry Monza and Scott Taylor’s procharged firebird Track Doe, race which will stir the twin turbo vs procharged setup discussions all over the internet.

As an extra, the editors of the video decided to throw in the race between Scott Taylor and last year’s No Prep Kings champion Mike Murillo so sit back, and enjoy some real No Prep racing.

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