Return of The Beast to Street Outlaws !!

Check this, Return of The Beast to Street Outlaws !!

Sim is back with the 209th episode of the beloved show called Street Race Talk and somehow he has managed not to miss an episode in the past 209 Fridays so far, showing us that this kid has an incredible passion for street racing and a great working habit.

Amongst the topics today, he is talking about one of the likable guys in the 405, a guy that is always smiling and just happy to race people, even though his car never had the most power and even though he has been dropped off the list at times.

We are talking of course about Dominator and his well, Dart, since his car does not have a name other than the model that he is driving.

It seems that he has been thinking about putting a HEMI in his car and finally naming it in order to have a car that is faster and more memorable for the audience, so check out what Sim has to say about Dom’s new ride.


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