New Small Tire Street Outlaws Show is Coming!!

Check this, New Small Tire Street Outlaws Show is Coming!!

Sim is back and this time he is talking about the possibility of a brand new show that will only feature small tire cars.

If you remember back in season four it was the fourth episode that was named Small Tire Shootout, when they let Chuck put on a small tire race, and it was received very well by the racers as well as the audience so that makes Sim think that there might be something there.

He thinks that they are putting finishing touches on a show that would have all the drivers of the Street Outlaws show, compete with small tire cars which would be a great equalizer for the power differences on the street.

So check out this weeks No Prep news, and find out more of what is going on in the No Prep scene and if there are any major changes to the setup of the cars we all enjoy watching.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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