Street Outlaws Farmtruck Displays Power at EMP!!!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Farmtruck Displays Power at EMP!!!!!

For most of the world’s audience, The Farmtruck is the true epiphany of a sleeper, and if you remember back in the day, at the beginning of the Street Outlaws show, they had a team follow him at night while he is cruising as they went “fishing”.

They would stop at gas stations, or just wherever they can find some fast cars and race them for money.

The first thing on most of the unsuspecting victims was that this old piece of rust could not beat their sport car, but that would soon change as they are given the GO sign and they both take off.

This time we have the Farmtruck at the Edinburg, Texas event where once again it showed us and the crowd that he still has some power left and is able to hang with the competition, so check it out, as he sends it down the track.

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