Street Outlaws Azn vs LadyBug 1200 AWD Battle!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Azn vs LadyBug 1200 AWD Battle!!!

In case you have not been following the Texas street racing scene to the letter, the LadyBug is a truck that is using all of its wheels for propulsion and has an astonishing 1200hp, a street racing beast that would be great on any surface.

For the most time it is not used on the track because it was actually built for street racing and the only few times you can find it on the street is when it is participating in a grudge race like this one.

In the lane next to him is a familiar face, the guy that we all like, AZN and his street racing Jeep, which this time is not quite firing on all cylinders (sort of speak).

Due to some problems AZN might be an easy target for the LadyBug but remember this is racing and there are tons of things that can change the outcome of the race so let’s sit back and see who wins this one.

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