Reviving His Dad’s Old Nova with BOOST!!

Check this awesome moment, Reviving His Dad’s Old Nova with BOOST!!

When it comes to cars, there is something special about reviving an old classic. The feeling of bringing new life to a vehicle that has been sitting for years is something that car enthusiasts can appreciate. That is exactly what father and son duo, Mike and Nick, set out to do with Mike’s old Nova.

In this video, we join Mike and Nick as they plan to revive the Nova by adding boost to its stock engine. The two are excited to see just how much boost it will take to scatter the stock bottom end and small cam. They plan to leave the boost on the gate and take it to the track to see how it performs.

As they work on the car, we can see the sentimental value it holds for Mike. It has been sitting for years, but he still wants to keep it around and in good shape. He even has plans to take it bracket racing with turbos.

Nick, on the other hand, is excited about the challenge of making the car perform to its fullest potential. He has plans to add a blow-through turbo kit to the car that was previously used on his truck. He believes that the combination of the turbo kit and the engine from Kenny’s Camaro, which is a stock bottom-end 355, will be perfect for the car.

As they work on the car, we can see the excitement on their faces. They are truly enjoying the process of bringing this classic back to life. They even talk about adding some chrome and dress-up pieces to give the car the right vibe for a bracket racer.

Overall, the video shows the love and passion that goes into reviving an old classic car. It’s not just about making it run again, but also about the sentimental value and the thrill of seeing how far it can go. Mike and Nick’s project serves as a reminder that some things are worth preserving and that sometimes, adding a little boost can be just what an old car needs to come back to life.

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