Robin Roberts ’68 Firebird High Voltage flips inside of trailer, while Traveling to Race 2 in Sydney!!

Take a look at this, Robin Roberts ’68 Firebird High Voltage flips inside of trailer, while Traveling to Race 2 in Sydney!! 

As we always tend to do in these situations, we will once again tell you the most important thing is that the driver is okay and the rest, well sit down, we should talk.

That’s how probably Robin Roberts got the news about the damage to his car that ended up upside down inside the container that was transporting it from one racing venue to the other in Australia.

Robin Robert’s 1968 Camaro AKA High Voltage was ripped off the mounts that were holding it in place inside the container and the crash was so violent that the car managed to make a huge indentation on the container’s roof.

Lending on top of a toolbox that also contained spare parts, the sight inside the container as you are about to see is really bad.

There is good news in all those bad news though, and the first and most important thing for Robin’s team is that the chassis looks fine and which means that most of the damage will be of the cosmetic kind, and that should be fixed pretty fast.

A few hours back we found out that High Voltage has been started up and it is going to be able to enter the next event that is going to be held at the Willowbank Raceway which is the drag racing facility situated in, Willowbank, City of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

According to Robin Roberts, it was the know-how and the ideas of Scott Tylor and his team that helped them get the car out of the damaged container and back on its wheels, and this shows once again how tight these guys are when it comes to helping a fellow racer.

So check out the video and see the damage first hand and let us hope that it never happens again because losing a race car is something that no racer should go thru.




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