Bad wreck at Street Outlaws vs Australia Car hits both walls against Kye Kelley!!

Check this, Bad wreck at Street Outlaws vs Australia Car hits both walls against Kye Kelley!!

After years of racing in the United States, the producers of the Street Outlaws show decided that it is time that the caravan move somewhere else, and as we all know, they decided to go nearly half the world away to do some racing.

The Australians have proven themselves over and over again as a worthy opponent that just won’t lay over and lose a race, instead, they have been driving and as we are about to see, even overdriving their cars in order to try and defend their racing legacy.

We catch up with our favorite racers as they are getting ready to let go of the button at Perth’s Premier Motorsport Stadium, a venue located in Kwinana Beach, Western Australia that during the year accommodates an incredible 275 000 visitors.

This track used to be called Claremont Speedway and it had a 75-year-long tradition. This track has been renovated at the turn of the millennium to be able to provide many years of safe racing for the locals and the guys that decide to visit it from abroad, like the very popular racer in the right lane, Kye Kelley.

Unfortunately, as the title is informing us, the local racer is about to have a very bad day after he pushes his car way past the threshold of grip and starts getting sideways extremely fast.

This loss of traction was so sudden and violent that the driver had almost no time to get things back in order before he was flying into the wall on the left side, that in turn is about to launch him in the opposite one, causing some serious damage to the vehicle.

So check out this bad crash and let’s hope that he will be able to get the car back in working order as soon as possible and get back into the seat.


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