Round #1 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings vs Australia Drag Racing!!!

Take a look at this, Round #1 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings vs Australia Drag Racing!!!

While the Street Outlaws show has gone global over the years, it is time that their racing has done the same, and these guys are now competing with the best that Australia has to offer on their playing field, down under.

The sport of Drag Racing has been popular for a long time in Australia and their version of the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) is called Australian National Drag Racing Association, or ANDRA, which as expected has the same purpose as the American one, oversee and govern all the events that are held there.

This governing body was formed in 1973 and it has organized all of the Championships in Australia since 1975 on numerous tracks around the continent.

All this means that the Street Outlaws are going to have their hands full with the local racers who have a very rich tradition in drag racing.

For a while now we have been watching videos of the Street Outlaws and their cars getting ready to take the trip and see how their cars measure up against the racers from half a world away, and now it is time to finally see them in action and find out for ourselves.

While nearly everybody went to Australia on small tires, as you are about to see, Jeff Lutz and Robin Roberts did not bother with small tires, instead, they brought out the big guns and shipped their big tire twin turbo cars to try and beat the competition.

However, as you are about to see, Jeff Lutz seems to have sweet-talked his way into a deal.

He has managed to persuade the racer in the next lane to give him the hit, which with these cars is something you don’t do because it looks like, Jeff stayed there for a few seconds too long and burned him down, before taking off, check it out.

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