Street Outlaws No Prep Kings vs Australia Begins, Racers preparing for first race!!

Check this, Street Outlaws No Prep Kings vs Australia Begins, Racers preparing for first race!!

Many times we have mentioned how the Street Outlaws show, has brought the scene of America’s street racing to literally every part of the world, and the things that are happening with the show at the moment are only confirming our assumptions.

Yes, the Street Outlaws decided to go all the way across the world to find others like them and to do what competitive people with fast cars do, race and see who will be the winner.

The first news that we hear from down under is that all except two racers have brought their small tire cars to Australia in order to compete with the local racers and to be honest, we were kind of surprised by this move since we have all seen that the Australians have some really fast big tire cars.

Granted, most of them use their big tire cars on the track and not on the streets of Australia, so maybe this was the reason that the Street Outlaws decided to represent the United States of America, with their small tire cars.

As we said, two racers are sticking out of the crowd, and have brought their big tire cars and those are, Robin Roberts and Jeff Lutz. Considering their results in the No Prep Kings, these are arguably two of the fastest twin turbo cars that the Street Outlaws guys are running at the moment, with Jeff Lutz finishing in fourth place, with no other twin turbo car ranking higher than him.

We are sure that the guys from Australia are going to provide them with sufficient competition once they start racing, and will make bringing their big tire cars worth their while.

So why don’t we check out the video and hear much more about what is going on down under and how are the preparations for the races going?

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