Shaun Chevy Chevelle SS vs Big Matt Camaro Hell of a Street Race!

We all love a good drag race, and today we got just that for you, except that the adrenaline is pumping so hard, that after the race, these guys almost get in a fight because of it.

We are sure he did not mean anything bad by it but SS Shaun might have overreacted after the race, yelling and pushing and cursing to get his money.

And to be honest it looked like he jumped the start a bit, but after winning he got so pumped that things were getting close to turning ugly.

The driver of the Camaro – apparently had invested some a lot in his built, installing LS1, Heads, Cam, D1 ProCharger, Meth injection, Nitrous, VHT & Tires but it was still not enough to beat the Chevelle which had an LSX with D1 ProCharger.

After all of them took a deep breath and relaxed and got the adrenaline out of their system, Big Matt, payed up and they all went their way, leaving us with a great video, check it out, and tell us, did Shaun jump the start, or was it a legit race?

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