Sick 1500hp Chevy Chevelle SS Rips Dyno Apart!!

Take a look at this, really Sick 1500hp Chevy Chevelle SS Rips Dyno Apart!!

When it comes to forcing air into the engine’s cylinder, there is little doubt that most of the US car enthusiast population choose the supercharger AKA Blower as their favorite tool to producing more power out of an engine.

There are many different reasons for this and the most important ones are that, it is cheaper, easier to maintain, and put it simply there are much less moving parts than any other type of forced induction making it much easier to install and tune.

However, there are types of guys like the owner of this Chevelle that decide to go a different path, and install an F-3 Procharger like the one you are about to see, making this Classic American Muscle car so powerful that it actually reached the very threshold that this dyno can operate on.

On its best run, this Chevelle SS produced 1,497 horsepower, coming really close to what this 1,500 horsepower dyno can take, enjoy.

Wait till the end and see what’s going to happen! 

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