The BIGGEST Whipple Supercharger You Can Buy! (EIGHT Liters!)

Wow, take a look at this, The BIGGEST Whipple Supercharger You Can Buy! (EIGHT Liters!)

What an appropriate name for this car does Carl Scott have.

His Chevy Nova II is named the Honey Badger and it is truly representing the tenacity of this incredible animal, because this car has the biggest supercharger that you can get, a monstrosity that is an 8.3 liter Whipple which is sitting on top of a big block made by no other than his brother Troy, owner of Troy Scott Engines.

This brotherly love combo is competing in the No Prep scene in the class called True Street with a car that bring about 3200 lbs. to the scale and a lot of motor to propel it towards the finish line hopefully before the car in the other lane gets there.

So let’s give this gentleman a few minutes of our time as he is ready to demolish the competition and show everybody that he is a serious contender hi his class.

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