Small Block Nitrous S-10 Project “Tommy Two Guns”!!!

Check this, Small Block Nitrous S-10 Project “Tommy Two Guns”!!!

Most of you know him as Billy The Kid with that mean twin turbo S-10, and probably all of us like his videos a lot, and it appears that there is a very simple reason for this.

They are just full of honest emotions.

Some call them true “Blue Collars” assembly.

This father son duo truly enjoys building this vehicle and at one point after he sees the truck for the first time in half a year because it was in the paint shot, the kid calls the truck too nice to race, that is real love for automobiles.

The dad is excellent at implying knowledge and wisdom and all though the son is young, you can see that he already appreciates all of this.

If you have a few minutes to kill make sure you watch this video and see this great truck makeover as it happens in real time.

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