Wild Camaro IROC-U Wheels Up Night-Time Crash and Save!!!

Take a look at this, Wild Camaro IROC-U Wheels Up Night-Time Crash and Save!!!

Even while any of these guys were building their cars, the only thing that they had in mind is the great times that they will provide them.

These machines are built to make memories and for the late Bobby D’Andrea this was one night that he could ever forget.

To be honest the first part of the video makes up for it just fine even without the fact that in the second part he pulls such a massive whellie that he actually lands in the wrong lane inches in front of his competitor in the right lane named Mike Kostick.

Luckily Mike was monitoring the situation in both lanes and thanks to his lightning fast reaction on the brakes, Bobby landed safely away from Mike’s hood.

This is an incredible video that pushes you to respect all the race car builders out there and give props to them, because every machine they build, is a machine that will provide for some great memories.


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