Stolen 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Found On West Texas Ranch!

Wow, check this, Stolen 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Found On West Texas Ranch!

His name is Blake Gladdis and recently he got an offer that he could not resist.

A rancher told him that he can have a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner for free.

And yes just like what you are probably thinking, there has to be a catch, Blake was thinking the exact same thing, so the rancher explained that the car was actually in an ravine and he would have to go pick it up himself, and the car was actually sitting on its roof instead of being the right side up.

Apart from the rolled over part, the vehicle was missing quite a few important things like the entire drivetrain and it has been on it’s top for about thirty years now.

After a close examination, the actual state of the car was pointing them to think that this car has been stolen back in the day and this is the state that it was left in, about thirty years ago.

To hear the rest of the story about this Road Runner, check out the video bellow.

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