Street Driven Turbo Powered Chevy Nova is real Beast!

Check this Street Driven Turbo Powered Chevy Nova is real Beast!!!

From time to time we stumble on a car that we just feel like we have to share it with you, and this time it is a shining red street Nova, powered by a turbocharged engine.

One of the most amazing things about it, to us was the way it effortlessly launches of the line and gets out of the hole with great ease.

This little engine that could, is driven by a guy who knows his business when it comes to launching the car off the line and getting it to the finish line, his name is Corey Wilson, and he has been impressing the fans and other racers everywhere he shows up.

On the last run, that you will see in the video, he apparently has turned that little fiery Nova up to eleven as it launches so hard it keeps the front wheels in the air for a couple of seconds, making for a great pass, check it out.

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One thought on “Street Driven Turbo Powered Chevy Nova is real Beast!

  1. Thank you!! Nice to see an article written about my little ole street car that me and my fiance and our 4 year old son drive all over. The car can be driven to drop my son off to school or out to dinner ect, but when it’s time to lay the hammer down she can handle her own.

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