Best of The Best Drag Racing Wheelstands!!

Take a look at this, Best of The Best Drag Racing Wheelstands!!

You are probably familiar with the physics of a wheelstand already, the rear of the car grips so hard it wants to overtake the front of the car, thus propelling the front into the air and giving that driver an unwanted view of the sky, and a total loss of steering.

We say unwanted because the fastest way to accelerate is with the front wheels on the ground as they are supposed to, if only by a tiny bit, and the best way to do this is of course wheelie bars.

Some drivers however decide against them and that is what provides us with great fun at the track and this time we found a 12-minute-long video filled with the best drag racing wheelstands in the past five-year span.

So sit back turn the speakers up and enjoy this great edit that brings you all those hard launches and more.


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