Legendary Chevy Chevelle vs Dodge Demon – drag race!!

Check this, Legendary Chevy Chevelle vs Dodge Demon – drag race!!

Never in history has a car been so focused on a quarter mile time as the brand new Dodge Demon.

This car was engineered by the folks behind the keyboards with only one thing in mind, the best quarter mile time, and the best way to prove this has been the launch itself.

If somebody told you a few years ago that there will be a car, which pulls a wheelie off the line at the track, we would all laugh at him, but it is 2018 (at least for a few days) and we already have a car so powerful, and with so much grip, that it is capable of lifting the front tires clean off the ground when it launches.

Now that we have said, all that needs to be said about the Dodge Demon, let us introduce you to his opponent for the race.

A classic Muscle car, bellowed by many, the Chevy Chevelle, so check out the video and see how they do.


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