Street Outlaw Fireball Camaro is on Fire!!!

Check this, Street Outlaw Fireball Camaro is on Fire!!!

His name is Shawn Wilhoit, he sits behind the wheel of The Mistress, and they both come to us from the great state of Texas.

Today we catch up with him as he lays down a test pass at the Armageddon 5 No Prep Event which was held at the Thunder Valley in noble, Oklahoma.

While most of you already know Shawn for those of you who don’t, he drives the single turbo Mistress which due to regulations is lighter than the Fireball Camaro, however it is also less powerful so if Ryan Martin is able to get the power down it should be an easy win for him.

We are not saying that they are evenly matched up, because the Fireball Camaro is the defending Champion of No Prep Kings but this is racing and in racing, everything can happen.

When you do check out the video, do not trust completely what the caption says about the winner since the reaction of the crews speak differently, enjoy.

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