Street Outlaws America’s List – NEW Season, It’s Going To Be WILD!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws America’s List – NEW Season, It’s Going To Be WILD!!!

If you by any chance remember the last episodes of the last season of Street Outlaws America’s List, Kye Kelley was pretty convinced that he will not be joining JJ Da Boss in the next year’s fight for the bragging rights of being the fastest guys in the country.

Back then he had a problem with JJ switching the finals to a totally different location where his team had not made a pass and had huge trouble turning the car down in order to make a pass that would win the finals.

Well, the pot of $100,000 has apparently helped him change his mind and this is why we find him as well as the rest of the Team Nola in this year’s competition for the second season of the popular show America’s List.

Another change that might have helped his decision to show up might be the fact that unlike last season when the Memphis team got a free pass straight to the finals, this time the MSO crew is starting at the beginning just like the rest of the teams, making sure that nobody gets a bye run all the way to the finals.

It appears that that is by far not the only change that this second season is bringing to all of us because there are a bunch of changes to the way the race nights are being determent, like for example of the new bonus rule, that states that whoever wins the number one position, he can choose which night he wants to race whenever he is challenged for it.

These races are going to be held in Vegas and we all know that there are going to be some massive bets as well as a huge pot, so check out the video and see what you are to expect in this new season.

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