Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Procharged Nova Scorching the Competition!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Procharged Nova Scorching the Competition!!!

As we all know Daddy Dave has had enough of the twin turbo setup and decided that he needs to go with the new Procharger setup in order to get better results at the No Prep Kings Championship.

Initially it was the Procharger setup that he decided against in order to go with the twin turbo, however the bigger Procharger would just not fit in his car and he would have had to modify the chassis in order to make it fit so that is why he switched to twin turbo.

After having mediocre success with the twin snails, he decided to change whatever he needs on the chassis and get the bigger Procharger installed.

These days he has been making some seriously fast passes thanks to this setup and this is why he entered the Outlaw Big Tire competition where he had some pretty good success.

The first race of the video is once again a grudge race against one of his good friends Chris AKA Kamikaze Chris in his brand new screw blown Nova, which we all expect to be very, very fast.

After the grudge race between these friends, next up are a couple of races with two Nitrous Powered Mustangs for the Outlaw Big Tire competition.

Understandably, we will not tell you the results of those races as well as the race between him and Kamikaze Chris, however we will tell you that he will be facing another well know racer.

No other than Bobby Ducote AKA Lil Legend is lining up against him in the right hand lane and he is here to get the best of that procharged Nova with Daddy Dave behind the wheel.

So check out the video and see how far is Daddy Dave going in this competition held at palm beach, Florida.

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