Street Outlaws Jerry Bird’s Probe Crash at No Prep Kings Florida!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Jerry Bird’s Probe Crash at No Prep Kings Florida!!!

By now nearly all of us know who Jerry Bird is and for many No Prep Kings was not the first time we heard of him and the reason behind this is the fact that Jerry Bird has been racing for nearly 30 or so years and in that time, we have seen him race quite a lot.

Unfortunately, crashing is an inevitable part of racing and no matter how much racers try to avoid such an unfortunate thing, the reality is that you will end up in that wall one day or another.

Lucky for him the impact in the wall was not something terrible and he was out of the car within seconds to show everybody that he is unharmed, which have been and always will be the most important thing in racing.

As for car, the damage is not that terrible and it surely is fixable, however, will he be able to find the right parts before the next race is something we cannot be sure of, but we remain hopeful because as always we would like to see the Nola team member back in his racing seat doing what he does best.

At the moment we do not have any additional info about the crash from Jerry himself, so we are left to speculate which as always we would gladly do.

Our guess is that something went wrong with the car since the snap to the left lane was so fast and violent that by the time he was in the wrong lane, Jerry was facing the opposite way.

Even with Jerry’s experience something snapping sideways that fast is not recoverable so this is why he ended up in the wall.

To find out more info, check out the following video and see what happened with Jerry Bird and his Nitrous Powered Probe.

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