Street Outlaws Doc’s New Car for next season No Prep Kings!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Doc’s New Car for next season No Prep Kings!! 

We were just talking about this in the last couple of days and it appears that we might have been right, because now there is talk that Doc is going to build a brand new car, so the trend that Ryan Martin started with two different cars for list racing and No Prep Kings racing, might be catching on already.

Just like Ryan Martin, Doc is going to keep The Street Beast occupied with street racing for the 405’s famous List, while a brand new car will be built and commissioned for the No Prep Kings Championship.

All of you that were following the No Prep Kings Championship know already that Doc was not happy with the performance of the Beast and accordingly he was not having the best results out there, but he hopes that all of this will change once he builds a brand new car, whose sole purpose will be attacking the throne in No Prep Kinks racing, check it out.

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