Street Outlaws Dominator Gets a HEMI !!

Check this, Street Outlaws Dominator Gets a HEMI !!

For the 208th time Sim is here to bring us the newest information about Street racing, and it appears that he has some great new to share.

In case you missed it, Ryan Martin has a brand new ’18 ZL1 Camaro Big-Tire Car which is designated for No Prep Kings racing exclusively.

This means that the beloved Fireball Camaro is not going into scrap, no it will be used strictly for street racing and it will be competing in the 405 list racing, while the brand new car will only be appearing in the 2020 No Prep Kings championship.

As we all know, he has been racing the Fireball Camaro for quite a while now and he believes that as things go forward there will be more and more things that will be failing, and it will not be able to endure the stress of being raced on the list and the NPK so he got himself a brand new car, check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Street Outlaws Dominator Gets a HEMI !!

    1. Dominator himself said he had been running a big block Chevy, but has always wanted a hemi. The big block Chevy barely fit because the chassis is a mustang 2 front end, so to fit the hemi he had to rebuild the front chassis. It is you that needs to do the research.

  1. When are you going to get rid of that mouth, he is just a loud mouth. hate him spouting off about racers. sooner have those with the cars talking.

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