This Man Buys This 1970 SS Chevelle for 250 Bucks!!!

Take a look at this awesome story, This Man Buys This 1970 SS Chevelle for 250 Bucks!!!

This might be one of those believe it or not kind of deals because we are really bringing you a car that the owner did purchase for the incredibly low price of $250, granted this was way back in the day, about four decades ago, but nevertheless it is an amazing price.

As a true lover of a muscle car, the owner did race this beast many times, which we are glad to hear because cars like these are not just a pretty thing to look at, and although they are gorgeous they were made to put down amazing times at the quarter mile, so this guy did just that.

Now for some not so great news, at least for the folks that really liked the car and were thinking that one day they might make an offer.

The individual’s son, is also in love with the vehicle, so we are pretty sure that he is not going to be selling it either in the near future, but at least you can play the video and let Patrick Nichols take you on a tour around it, enjoy.

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