Street Outlaws Dominator New Project is here!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Dominator New Project is here!!

As always Sim brings us many news about the whole street racing scene and amongst those news, there’s a guy that we all know and respect, called Dominator.

He is one of the quiet ones that always tries to see the best in the situation that he is in and so far he has been nothing but nice to all his racing buddies as well as competitors, so that is why he has a pretty big fan base, that would like to hear that he is making some drastic changes to his car.

He will be fitting a HEMI with 521 ci and the best part is, that he is still into driving his car out on the street and he will be building it accordingly making the whole deal totally street legal and capable of driving down the road without major modifications.

Check out what else Dominator and the rest of them are up to in Sim’s video bellow.


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