What’s Next for The Murder Novas!?

Your thoughts, What’s Next for The Murder Novas!?

Since the big accident Monza has not been at the top of his game, and although he went twin turbo we believe he never was able to use the full potential of the setup and put it down to the ground.

This was obvious at the No Prep Kings Championship since we all expected much more from him and that gorgeous twin turbo Sinister Split Bumper Camaro.

In the last photo he posted it is obvious that he is trying hard to get further up the Championship since the whole engine is out of the car and that means that he will be making some massive changes to his setup.

Also getting an upgrade or a different setup to be exact is the well-known Ole Heavy is getting a procharger power adder and that means that after all those years of running a nitrous setup, Ole Heavy is now going to be even faster than before, of course after the get all figured out.

So play the video and see what Sim has to say about these and many more news.

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