Top 10 WORST Drag Racing WRECKS from Last Year!!!

Check this, Top 10 WORST Drag Racing WRECKS from Last Year!!!

They are our least favorite things when it comes to racing and no matter how much we hate seeing them, there is just no two ways about it.

As long as there are car races, and drivers are pushing their machines to the very edge of their capabilities, there will always be wrecks.

The good thing about it is that protection technology has come a long way and these days the drivers are safer than ever and for most of the time they just end up walking out of the craziest wrecks, like the ones that you are about to see.

This is a compilation video of the wrecks that happened during the racing season of 2019, and all of them are from the drag strip, where races are supposed to happen.

Some are worse than others and include both vehicles but for the most time the drivers asked more than what the vehicle could handle, check them out.

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