Murder Nova first fire up and spool up of 2020!!

Take a look at this, Murder Nova first fire up and spool up of 2020!!

During the off season all the drivers use up their free time by working on their rides and making them go faster than last year and as always this is the case with Shawn Ellington and his Murder Nova.

Starting the car for the first time after doing a bunch of work is always a special occasion because after all that work that you have put in, you get to hear what you have been slaving for the entire time and this is why they decided to record this and share it with us.

For the first time in this year he is about to start the car and even spool it up in order for us to hear it and enjoy the incredible sound that this beast makes when getting ready to take off towards the finish line.

So turn up the speaker and hear the mighty Murder Nova wake up for a brand new season.

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