One of the biggest changes that we saw in the 2022 season of the No Prep Kings Championship, must have been the change from Team Attack to The Great 8 series.

As Sim, one of our favorite YouTubers is about to explain to us, this change did not only bring better quality racing on Friday when this event is held but instead brought much better viewership numbers with it.

In case you missed the concept during last year, the top 8 drivers in points, race against each other on Friday for a cash prize as well as some points towards the championship. While the points and the cash is a great incentive, the real advantage that the Great 8 racers get against the competition is the additional few runs on the track that gets them more and more data that they can use in the regular No Prep event that follows the Great 8 competition.

Some might argue that the ratings are not as important as the level of excitement that the No Prep Kings Championship brings to the fans and that is all good and well, apart from the fact that the producers of these shows rely on the viewership numbers in order to keep the show going.

The same thing happens with the sponsorships of the drivers since there is a pretty big difference between showing your brand in front of millions and in front of thousands of viewers every week.

Lucky for the real fans of the No Prep Kings Championship like us, the numbers are not as bad as some might fear, and the following announcement that one of the street racing legends retiring his car is not caused by these numbers.

So, who is the driver that has decided to make some big changes?

Well, as always, we will let our favorite YouTube street racing expert Sim, explain it all to us so play the video and find out more.


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