Street Outlaws Stolen, Crashed and Burned Cars!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Stolen, Crashed and Burned Cars!

When the first episode of the Street Outlaws aired back in the day, it was obvious that these guys have been street racing illegally for years now, and they are not even thinking about stopping any time soon.

If you have seen the early episodes of the show, you know that one of the major issues that these guys had, was finding the best location for racing, without the Police interfering and arresting them or even impounding their cars.

Back then, these guys were not the celebrities that they are now, and they were in a different spotlight more often than they wanted, the police cruiser spotlight.

As the audience across the world grew, so did their founding and the founding of the production crews that were now able to get these guys at least some level of protection on a road that they have closed off in order for them to race, so that was a great place to start.

Over the years the production guys have been able to get funding and thus the backup of the local police departments as well as the city representatives that have allowed them a few places where they can hold their races that now became legal.

This, however, did not mean that the crashes or accidents had stopped. As we have mentioned many times before, motorsport is dangerous and no matter the safety precautions that have been taken, there will always be a risk to the driver that is racing his car at the top of their abilities.

Today’s video is once again made to show us all the destruction that these races have been a part of over the years and remind us about all the cars that have been lost in the process, so let us sit back and remember all those bad situations.



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