Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at BMP- Mishaps and Explosions!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at BMP- Mishaps and Explosions!!!

Let’s head out to Bradenton Motorsport Park in Florida where the No Prep caravan is located this week for the final race of the No Prep Kings Season 4 calendar.

One of the most popular racing event this year is coming to a close and there are chances that there will be many interesting moments this weekend as these guys try to get their final pass to finish the season as high on the leaderboard as possible.

Luckily these two mishaps that we are showing you today are not that dangerous and nobody was injured in this video.

For quite a while we were watching videos of Mustang owners spinning out into the crowd on the way home from events and just when we started thinking that they are done with those things, we come up to this video.

While many will say that this is just a Mustang doing Mustang things, we just had to bring you the video of a Mustang spinning out during the burnout.

Yes, you read that correctly, this guys did not even make it to the staging lights and he was already crossing the line into the wrong lane, and his name is John Poole.

Not to be outdone in the first round of the Team Attack we once again had a nitrous car doing what nitrous powered cars tend to do, a big boom followed by a massive ball of fire in the right hand lane just as the light turned green.

It was clear that the car had some issues because as soon as the driver let go of the button the car did not launch nearly as hard and as fast as it was supposed to, instead it kinda stuttered and displayed serious fireworks.

 So check out the video and see how the first round of the Team Attack races went.

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