Street Outlaws “Monza” Reveals New No Prep Car, 1970 Chevelle SS!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws “Monza” Reveals New No Prep Car, 1970 Chevelle SS!!!

After long time no see the famous Sinister Camaro, we finally find out that Monza has some other plans for future in No Prep.

Famous twin-turbocharged split-bumper ’72 Camaro Rally Sport called ‘The Sinister’ will go in history with a lot of good memories left behind.

Monza confirmed on Thursday evening that he has tabbed Cameron Johnson Race Cars in Florida to construct a new 1970 Chevelle SS, that will be painted in a silver hue with black rally stripes.

“As most of you know, we have been struggling this year, and here a while back we put a post out on Facebook looking for a chassis builder, and Cameron Johnson Race Cars reached out to us and said they’d like to build us a car,” Monza said on the video. “After seeing Justin Swanstron come in here with a brand new car this season and sitting at number two in points going into the season finale, I decided that they’re probably the right people to build us a car. Obviously they know what’s going on.”

“You’ve got to spend money to make money,” he added of the major investment in his program. “We’re going to make more money if we go rounds and win some of these, and it boosts t-shirt sales and everything else. We want to make ourselves relevant again. We’ve had hell tuning a chassis that won’t work. It’ll run down to a certain number like a bracket car, but once you try to go any faster, it just creates big problems and doesn’t want to cooperate, so we’re going to put it back on the street and we’re going to  build a purpose-built “No Prep Kings” car that will run with the Ryan Martins and Justin Swanstroms. We’re going to go out and make things weird on them next year.”

Check the video bellow and see what’s Monza has to say more…

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