Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Grudge Racing Chicago !!

Take a look at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Grudge Racing Chicago !!

We bring you some amazing action once again, as we catch up with the No Prep Kings crew while they are racing in Chicago for the fifth race of the series but as a bonus to the usual event races, there are some Grudge Races where some serious cash is about to change hands in order for the racers to prove who’s got the faster ride.

After the recent procharger swap, Kayla Morton has been getting some serious power down on that track and that has given her the confidence to bet $5,000 each on two races, one against Big Country and one against Kye Kelley, but will that cash give her enough motive to win against these two?

Additionally, we have some great duels as Chuck faces Daddy Dave, for what we think (you can correct us in the comment section if we are mistaken) is the first time since Daddy Dave has switched to twin turbos.

So sit back and enjoy some very close racing.

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