Re run For What? Lizzy Musi vs Boosted Ego at Route 66 No Prep Kings!!!

What’s your thoughts, should be a re run or not? Lizzy Musi vs Boosted Ego at Route 66 No Prep Kings!!!

As we talked about a few days back, Lizzy Musi has been on somewhat of a roll and has been putting down some great runs and winning against some very tough competitors and in today’s video she keeps this up as she faces another few of the fastest guys in the No Prep game.

Today she is racing the Bird brothers, as well as Boosted Ego, and Stinky Pinky all very famous and very fast racers that just love grudge racing.

The race between Boosted Ego and Lizzy Musi sparks up some immediate controversy and they have to do a rematch which we are not sure was necessary because after the burnout Boosted leaked some fluid on the track so the officials grabbed the mop to clean it up.

In the meantime, it looked for a minute that their car is not going anywhere so Lizzy staged and her light turned green so she took off, leaving Boosted’s crew to argue with the officials.

Check out the video and tell us if she was right to do so?


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