Florida swamp claiming a Gorgeous 1970 Chevelle SS396!!

Check this, Florida swamp claiming a Gorgeous 1970 Chevelle SS396!!

1980 was the year when Ronald Raegan was elected president, the game PacMan arcade was created, the classics The Blues Brothers, The Shining, and the Empire Strikes Back hit the silver screen and a lonesome 10-year-old Chevelle SS396 was parked in the Florida Swamps where it was left until today.

Patrick Nichols tried but never found out why this beautiful classic American Muscle car was left there to rot, so really the least he could do is give us a tour of the car and the place that it has been the resting place for about four decades now.

It is apparent that mother nature is winning the fight against this once spectacular machine and amongst its victories is the fact that the doors have been rusted shut and they won’t budge let alone open in order to inspect what’s left of the interior.

So check out the video and as always let Patrick tell you more about this magnificent automobile.


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