Street Outlaws Reaper Secret Project Revealed!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Reaper Secret Project Revealed!!

There has been a bunch of controversy that Reaper has been involved in in the past few years, and it all kinda started when the 405 guys decided to put him on the spot about whether his car was legit for a street car or not.

As it turned out he found a way to cheat the system and the famous magnet test which is supposed to show if the roof and quarters are metal, by wrapping sheets of metal around the fiberglass body, which as you know is not allowed.

This continued during the last No Prep Kings championship as he formed a team called The Outcast and then ends up deserting them to in the races to come.

However, this time we are here for him to tell us more about his brand new Secret Project and to get as much info as possible about it, so check out the video and find out more about the stuff that he is working on.

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