Street Outlaws Dominator vs Sick Blown El Camino!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Dominator vs Sick Blown El Camino!!

We are not sure if you missed Natalie or not, and it appears that some do and some can’t wait for her to finish so they can start watching the cars, but as always with the National No Prep Racing Association videos she is here to tell you what you are about to see.

You are about to see a great looking blown El Camino which is here to see if it can take on a guy from the 405, Dominator to be exact and he apparently has been working on his car and did some testing making sure that he gives the 405 the best shot they can get against this baddas El Camino.

As always, we are not going to spoil the race and give you the result, however we will tell you that Dom makes a killer pass that once again shows everybody why the 405 is considered to be the fastest bunch in the states, but will that be enough to pull ahead of this El Camino? Well watch and find out.

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