Texas Rattlesnake S10 Takes a Bite Out of the Competition at Texas Motorplex!!!

Take a look at this, Texas Rattlesnake S10 Takes a Bite Out of the Competition at Texas Motorplex!!!

Many of you have already spotted this Canary Yellow Chevrolet truck also known as Texas Rattlesnake which has been biting the competition lately wherever it appears.

It was Landon Hobbs who brought the truck to the famous Texas Motorplex event and during the entire weekend he was putting down some great passes against one of the fastest guys in the No Prep game.

Guys like Larry Larson, Boosted Ego, and Lance Knigge were amongst the racers that got bitten by the Texas Rattlesnake, along with a few others and they know very well how fast this truck is now.

To be honest this S10 does look similar to the old S10 that Larry Larson drove back in the day or at least the build of this truck has a similar appearance. On the other hand, the sheer speed of the truck also reminds us of the truck owned by Larry Larson.

At the moment this truck cannot compete in the No Prep Kings Championship as is because of the way the rules are set up for the class. You see, when they were building this truck all they were after was speed. The other guys had to adhere to the No Prep Kings rulebook, unlike Mr. Hobbs who is behind the wheel of this truck.

There is talk at the moment that Hobbs is planning to make the necessary modifications on the vehicle in order to be able to race in the big tire class however this is not an easy task.

Problem is that this vehicle works best as is, and if any intensive modifications are made there are no guarantees that the truck will perform the same after it has been modified.

All we can hope for is seeing this truck much more next season to see how it will stack up against the other racers from the No Prep Kings Championship.

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