Wild Night at Texas Motorplex No Prep Kings Event!!

Check this, Wild Night at Texas Motorplex No Prep Kings Event!!

Once again we are headed to the famous Texas Motorplex complex and this time we are going to see the wildest rides that took place at this track recently.

The first part of the video is arguably dominated by Bucknasty who takes on the opponents one by one and clearly dominates the field so far.

During these battles, the Longford’s Turbo nova helped undoubtedly by the bye run got to line up against Bucknasty in order to try and stop his domination.

What follows next is also some spectacular, yet unfortunate racing as we will see.

We of course won’ tell you the results of this race however we will tell you that you should not dare to miss it.

The next race after that is probably one of the biggest wheelies in this type of racing and it is something that nobody should miss.

Unfortunately, this awesome wheelie is followed by some bad luck or some sort of mechanical failure and the car ends up on the roof instead of being at the finish line faster than the car in the next lane.

As always, the most important thing is that the safety equipment did its job and the driver walked away unharmed out of that wild ride.

Another crazy thing that we cannot remember ever seeing until today is the instant when the shoots and the hood decided to detach from the car simultaneously, almost like the shoots were somehow tied down to the hood, almost.

As always the best we can hope and wish for is for these guys to rebuild their cars even better than before and get back on the track faster and stronger with more experience than ever.

In the meantime, check out the video and enjoy some pure racing dedication from these few fellows that put it all out there.

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