The Big Names Missing The Biggest No Prep In The World!!!

Take a look at this, Big Names Missing at The Biggest No Prep In The World!!!

Once again we have Sim filling us in on all that is new in the world of No Prep racing and once again he has a bunch of topics that he wants to share with us.

Amongst the stuff that he talks about is Axman and how his new car is here to make a statement.

During last season, we all saw Axman and how fast and consistent him and his ride were, and this year he is here with a brand new car which is basically the same as the old one, and the best part about it is the fact that nearly all the parts will be interchangeable.

This means that he can change parts in a hurry and keep racing.

Sim also talks about the famous Fireball Camaro owned by Ryan Martin and how it went procharger so make sure you play the video and hear what else he has to say.

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