Street Outlaws Doc Gets a Procharger!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Doc Gets a Procharger!!!

You would think that with the Covid-19 situation Sim’s video would be kinda empty since there are no big events going on and it would be normal to expect that there is not much to talk about in the street racing scene.

And you would be wrong.

Somehow Sim seems to always find new interesting topics that he touches and tells us all about.

Today the first topic that he talks about is the fact that we have all been waiting and hoping that The Street Outlaws 405 would return, but unfortunately he gives us the bad news we have all been fearing.

There is no material filmed from which they could make the new season.

He also talks about Doc and his newly acquired Procharger, and since we all know that so far Doc has been a Nitrous all the way kinda guy, we were all surprised to hear this, so play the video and let Sim tell you what is all this about.

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