Turbo Truck Action in the Streets of Oklahoma!!!

Take a look at this, Turbo Truck Action in the Streets of Oklahoma!!!

When they first left the factory floor, the idea was that they will be used by the rural American which is going to load them up with all sorts of tools or farm products.

For the ones that we are about to bring you today, it has been a while since they were loaded with anything and were used in the capacity that they left the factory floor in.

These trucks have been living a different life.

A life of chasing after tenths of seconds between runs and test hits one after another in order to get them ready for this type of competition where they are going be pushed to the limits of their abilities in order to get to that finish line before the guy in the next lane.

The action is filmed on the streets of Oklahoma where they are about to battle into the night to find out which one of these truck is the fastest, check it out.

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