The Championship Final on Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days!!!

Check this, The Championship Final on Street Outlaws: Mega Cash Days!!!

As we have explained many times before, if a car has enough grip and enough power at the starting line there is a good chance to pick up the front tires and for a moment there keep accelerating towards the finish line with both front wheels clean off the ground.

This however fun and spectacular to watch, is also very dangerous at the same time, because as you are about to see, if the car continues to accelerate like that and air gets caught up underneath the car, it will actually pull all four wheels off the ground and take flight.

This is exactly what happened to Roger Holder during his run, so his car actually flew for quite a while there before it slammed on the ground.

Before we get any further we would like to give props to the cameraman which did not even flinch while the car was headed towards him sliding out of control while moving at some massive speed.

These guys are the ones that make sure we catch all the action, especially during these hard times when we cannot go to the races because of the pandemic.

Apparently this guy does not scare easy and he is capable of keeping the camera rock steady aimed at the car and catching all the action, when many would have fled out of the way.

This once again opens up the subject of wheelie bars in this class because many agree that would have all been prevented if he had them installed to begin with, because they would not allow such big wheelies thus preventing the car from catching air.

So check out this video and tell us what you think about the idea, and whether they should have changing the rules in the class to make wheelie bars mandatory.

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