THE END of Street Outlaws!!!

Oh no, THE END of Street Outlaws!!!

No matter how much we try to keep the virus out of our lives, apparently with all the races being closed to the spectators we just have to mention it, and this time Sim is here as always to tell us that these things are really happening.

At the moment the fact is that all the races that have been scheduled, will not have spectators and almost no audience, and believe it or not many of them might get canceled.

Another topic that is also close to heart these days I the Firebird that keeps on winning races every time he shows up, and the latest “victim” is the Cash Days event which apparently he dominated and made sure that all that cash gets in his pocket.

It is apparent that he is on the prowl this season and we can’t wait to hear more from it, as well as the others so check out Sim’s video and find out more about Street racing.

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