No Prep Kings Season 4 Is Being CANCELED!!!

Check this, No Prep Kings Season 4 Is Being CANCELED!!!

As the world is fighting the Pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) it is imperative that sporting events and large gathering of people are canceled and this is why most of the sporting events in Europe are already being held with no audience, while some of them are even being totally canceled.

In all honesty it was just a matter of time when caution was enforced on the racing world and in this case it starts with the Tucson event which is currently being postponed, and hopefully it will be held at a later date, which will be announced additionally, and not canceled like many others so far.

There is a bunch of other news that as always is being presented by Sim however this one did hit us first and hopefully we get to see it if not live at least on TV or some other way of broadcast, check it out.


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